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**Best seller No.1**

This year has been an important year for solar lighting development and without surprise, Sunlike became the best seller range of KAPSEA. Both performances and aesthetics advantages seems to be motivations for distributors, installers, collectivities to choose Sunlike among the numerous solar lighting solutions the market is offering. We are very grateful our distributors and partners to help us out to make the Sunlike more and more present on the market. 

For those who haven't start, do not wait any longer... 

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**2nd Bestseller**

IZIG+ Range has been now on sale for over 3 years, always more and more successful. Now considered as part of our brand patrimony, IZIG+ S stands at the 2nd place of our sales by items. 

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**3rd Bestseller**

Strong, resistant and durable. That's how Blackbell+ is and also why he's appreciated. With 70,000 hours lifetime @ 50˚C ambiant temperature, Blackbell+ is THE solution for industrial aggressive environment. 

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What about new challengers ? 

As KAPSEA is always on-track for new products and opportunities, we are constantly welcoming new hot products in our range of products. Below is a selection of best new challengers, products that might become very hot products in KAPSEA range of products. 

If you haven't start to distribute or at least tested them, stop waiting... start now by ordering few samples in your next order. 

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1st new challenger

IZIG+ MOV, the IZIG+ with motion sensor is finally arrived on the market ! Be the first to test and distribute this new version of the popular IZIG+

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2nd new challenger

Ultimate retrofit solution, our SWITCHBELL II is getting more and more appreciated on the market. More and more customers are installing it for retrofit projects.

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3rd new challenger

Launched shortly after the SUNLIKE, the CEGONIA range is more and more appreciated and already available with immediate delivery.

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Simple, robust and effective. KAPSEA range of working light is arriving on the market, be one of the first dealer to start the adventure ! 

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Compact, durable and ... marine environment resistant ! ADMIRAL finally arrived ! KAPSEA get back on-board and launches its range of marine lighting solutions. Become the ambassador of new range now !

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Economical, durable and fully designed for warehouse application, we are launching this range to help our distributors and partners to beat the market and increase their market shares ! 

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Light but performant, lower cost but with long lifetime...No compromise has been made in this new range of products. One target, provide the best product at the best price !                            

Pre-order will be delivered within 12 weeks. Exact delivery time will be confirmed before order final confirmation. 
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